Friday, December 10, 2010

A New Art Auction Donation

This is the newest 3x3 acrylic on canvas that I donated to the Art for Prevention Auction. It's simple, but pleasing I think.  I really like the color combinations. It did it's part to help raise some funds for the cause.

Another Favorite Space

This is my bedroom.  I love the outdoors and trees are my particularly favorite things.  My walls are DARK green with the white birch trees reaching floor to ceiling on two walls.  It's simple but very pleasant.  I love laying in this space with the trees all around me.  Definitely one of my favorite spaces.

A Favorite Space

With winter coming on, I knew I needed a space that was pleasant, warm and comforting.  The walls are a turquoise/gray, below the chair rail a chocolate brown.  Then I added some silhouettes of twigs and wrens. This is one of our favorite places to relax, spend family time and just veg in front of the tv or read a book!

Dr Seuss Bedroom

This is a before shot of the room

This was a complete blast to do.  Most of the images are from Cat in the Hat, there's also one from Fox in Socks and Green Eggs & Ham.  How could you sleep in this room and not have pleasant dreams?!  The colors are amazing and the images so fun!

Dr Seuss Bathroom

This bathroom was sooooooo much fun, probably my favorite so far, other than the Dr. Seuss bedroom.  The images are fun to recreate and the colors are fabulous!  How can you be in this bathroom and not be happy.  The wall I'm most proud of is the shower scene.  This was the most complicated and time consuming one, second would be the Cat in the Hat in the bedroom.  The images look simple in the books, but trust me, they are way more complex than we give Dr. Seuss credit for.  Tough, but extremely rewarding!

Art Auction Donation

This is a floral piece on a 3x3 canvas that was donated to an art auction that was raising funds for Teenage Pregnancy Prevention.  It received a good response and helped make some money for a great cause.

Children's Rubber Ducky Bathroom

The homeowner had two boys and a yellow bathroom complete with a rubber ducky shower curtain.  We found this fun quote and decided to run with it.  I kept it simple...there are about 6 to 8 duckies floating around this room with soap bubbles . 

For Comfort and a Good Cause

I was contacted by the local domestic violence shelter to help create a comforting space inside the multi-level shelter for women to escape to when they need a little break.  I had the freedom to do whatever I wanted. This spanned across three walls and there was also a small office inside this room that I also had the privilege to paint that coordinates with this design.  An interesting fact about this one is the wall color was created by combining multiple cans of paint the shelter had on site. A pure personal pleasure.

A Nursery Surprise

This was so much fun!  The homeowners were away on one last trip before the arrival of their new baby.  The mother of the mom-to-be had contacted me to see if I could do something centered around nursery rhymes, it had to be done in a day, and she had no idea what she wanted.  I met her at their home in the morning with several ideas.  This is a combination of two and I was able to complete it by the end of the day.  I love this one! Hope the baby does too!

A Cityscape Stairwell

This is a difficult one to show! This is in a tight stairwell of a century-old home.  The homeowners had just purchased this property and were doing a lot of interior renovations and wanted to include a variety of murals.  It was at her request that we do an old cityscape up the stairs.  This was super challenging and fun to do!

Pool House Interior

This was requested by the home owner.  They had just returned from a trip in the Boundary Waters and it's a very special place to them.  The owner has a small pool house outside for changing clothes, a restroom, a small kitchenette, and a HUGE roll up window in the front, so when it's open you can see the image through the front.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Molly's Brother's Room

Molly's brother is a HUGE firetruck fan...his dad is a volunteer firefighter after all! This mural is 12ft wide by 10ft tall. Each firetruck is from a different era and each one has personalized plates. The best part of this mural was seeing Molly's brother getting more and more excited as I neared completion since he could really start to tell how it was going to look. This one was very time-consuming but a lot of fun!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Molly's Room

This was the entrance to a little girls room that was painted on all four walls as a garden of wildflowers. I loved painting Molly's room...I'm inspired by nature and I LOVE flowers, so this was a really fun and fulfilling project for me.